“You have an empty heart, you know that?” he exclaimed and stared at her unblinkingly; his piercing blue eyes brimming with tears. She looked down at her plate, avoiding his gaze. She shouldn’t have ordered the Caesar salad, she thought. Even without the chicken and the croutons, the dish still had at least two hundred calories. “Unbelievable”, she could hear him murmur as he got on his feet; a stifled sob escaping his lips on his way out of the restaurant. She wasn’t fooled by his theatrics. She knew he didn’t care about her. Two years ago, before her weight loss, someone like him wouldn’t even have looked at her. Or worse, would have made fun of her. Every little comment, every little joke, seared into her brain; neatly sorted by date, location, people involved. People who looked like him, with their cheekbones, their abs, their soft hair. He didn’t care about her. She put down her fork and scanned the room; looking for the next person to fall in love with her empty stomach.

Flash Fiction by Sally Wagner

Image by Adam Strong

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