Where She Once Lived, 2021

I love your eyes gone forever

where drafts would make a shutter

giant spiders crawl in to make a home

rains and snows seek a shelter.

So long ago the hearth burnt

passion flared through the corridors

I chased you as you laughed and cried

and lost you when you vanished in the mist.

Like so many you sleep without hope

abandoned to the wishes of steel giants

I hear echoes of your many voices

lost within the creases of unfinished dreams.

A strange paste seeps through the crevasses

pieces of you decaying in the unforgiving sun

you stand a fearful ghost in the icy darkness

as space seems to expand into a void.

Passers-by look on to find you 

beyond the walls of the collapsing soul

they see nothing of the dying memories

but I do love your eyes in the window.

Photo & Poem by Fabrice B. Poussin

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